Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Interferential Therapy Equipment In India

What is Interferential Therapy?

Interferential Therapy or IFT is a therapy used to accelerate the self-healing process and relieve pain. The therapy is also helpful for reducing pain, inflammation, edema and spasma. This helps to get back your body to a pain-free and healthy state.

In this procedure electrodes will be placed on the skin around the injured part and by using an Interferential Current device electrical impulses are transmitted through your skin. This helps in stimulating the underlying tissue and nerves which help to begin the healing process without any need of medications. 


The following are some of the advantages of Interferential therapy:
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate pain safely
  • Helps to decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Helps to restore or improve, lost or restricted movements and co ordination
  • Helps the body to heal faster by stimulating the natural hormones

Interferential Therapy Equipment

Digimed is an interferential therapy equipment with the following international standard features and specifications:
  • Easy to operate
  • User settable memory
  • Light weight and compact design
  • Future upgrade without change in hardware
  • Universal input voltage 90-270 volt AC
Specifications include:

  • Timer 0-60 min
  • Output current 0-100 mA
  • Carrier frequency 20000 Hz/4000 Hz
  • Sweep frequency 0-150 Hz
  • Sweep modulation: 1/1 sec
Technical Data
  • Dimensions 1xbxh 30x25x10.5 cms
  • Main Voltage 90-270V/50 or 60 Hz
  • Safety class 1, type BF according to IEC60601-1
  • Weight-2.5Kgs
HMS Medical Systems based in Chennai provide all kinds of medical equipments, medical therapy equipments and exercise therapy equipments in India. They offer standardized and export quality medical equipment at cost effective rates.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Exercise Therapy Devices At Affordable Cost

Physiotherapy or physical therapy includes treatment of disabilities, disease, and disorders by diagnosing, evaluating, and treating the disease by using physical equipment. Physical therapist uses various types of the equipment’s for the treatment of various kinds of problems. This equipment is known as physiotherapy equipment. These equipment’s helps patients to complete daily work easily and painlessly. Different kinds of therapies are used to cure different body parts.

    Shoulder wheel


 Ankle exerciser 


 Types of physiotherapy equipments

  • Exercise equipment
  • Balance ball and chair
  • Trampoline
  • Mobility equipment
  • Hot and cold therapy equipment
Exercise is one of the general and vastly used kinds of physical therapy. Various types of exercise equipment are used to heal muscle and bone disabilities and disorders by the therapists.


Traction table 


     Supinator pronator



The exercise equipment include

  • Upper body Ergometer (UBE)
  • Ankle exerciser
  • Shoulder wheel
  • Supinator pronator
  • Traction table
  • Equipment trolley
Regular strength and flexibility training is very important to improve health so these exercise equipment are very helpful to make life easier and flexible. Balls and tubing, exercise bands, strength training, stretching and flexibility, and balance training are some techniques that complete every patient’s needs. These exercise therapy is suggested by the physiotherapist as per the patient medical report and to improve the patient functional abilities and quality of life.

HMS medical systems, is a prominent name in the field of medical equipments services Chennai, medical therapy equipment’s and exercise therapy equipment’s in India. The company can customize therapy equipment’s as per the client’s requirements and are also available in different dimensions.


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Friday, 5 May 2017

Advanced Rehabilitation Equipment From HMS Medical Systems

Rehabilitation phase, during the recovery from a disease or injury from accident, is a tough period, not just for the patient, but for the caregiver as well. Restrictions on mobility and inability to be independent in necessary tasks is depressing, even if for a brief period of time.

We at HMS Systems understands the depth of your difficulty. The range of products offered in our rehabilitation equipment division are solely manufactured with comfort and convenience as the main priority. The structure and design of these equipment are done on these lines.

The rehabilitation equipment from HMS Systems, the leading manufactures, exporters and suppliers of medical equipment from India, are developed from high quality raw materials, ensuring quality, durability and strength.

The various rehabilitation equipment available at HMS include: -

  • Quadriceps Chair
  • Electric Tilt Table
  • High – Low Tilting Table

Quadriceps Chair

The quadricep chairs available from HMS are known for their strong construction. They are designed to include a backrest, a cushioned top, an adjustable lever set plated with chrome, ankle adjustable torque and so on. 


The key features of quadriceps chair are as follows: -
  • Backrest type
  • Lever set plated with chrome
  • Torque arm adjustable with ankle and capacity of about 25 kg
  • MS powder coated

Electric Tilt Table

The electric tilt tables are constructed in metal and are available at competitive rates.

The major features of the table are as follows.
  • Elevated frames which helps in proper lifting
  • Remote controlled adjustments
  • Heavy duty motor with capability to lift about 500 kg
  • Locking swivel casters
  • Removable footrest
  • Frames are powder coated to prevent rusting.
  • 3 extra wide patient positioning straps that are movable.

High – Low Tilting Table

The high-low tilting table consists of table top pad, built-in foot boards, patient hand grips remote control and restraint straps. 


The major features of the table are as follows: -
  • Standard operation at 220V with battery backup.
  • Light weight table for easy transport
  • An ultra-stable tilting motion
  • Tilt up to 90degree with remote control.
HMS Medical Systems offers standardised and export quality medical equipment at cost effective prices.


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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Pain Reliever Five in One - Ultrasound Combo Unit

Ultrasound is a Medical Modality which is used by physiotherapists to reduce the patient’s pain. It uses sound waves for generating heat within any body part. Therapists usually apply gel on the sound head and the body part. They will rub the sound head on the affected part in circular motion, generates heat in the joint, helps for blood flow. It also aids to loosen up the tissues and make the patients for a better stretch. Ultrasound is very helpful for acute injuries because of its non-thermal effects that mean no heat is generated but could help to increase the blood circulation by reducing inflammation and swelling. We have detailed here the ultrasound combo units, specification, and benefits. 



SONOMED 7s is a combination of interferential, Russian Stimulation, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation), Muscle Stimulator and Ultrasound Therapy Unit. Interferential therapy and Ultrasound diathermy can be used as integrated or separate. SONOMED 7S Ultrasound combo unit meets the International standard and specification which is very powerful in sports medicine.

  •  Bipolar interferential therapy
  • TENS Burst / Continuous current
  • Ultra Reiz current (Ultra stimulation current)
  • Galvanic direct current
  • Four-pole interferential therapy with or without vector scan
  • DF – Di-phase Fixe
  • MF – Mono-phase Fixe
Features of Ultrasound combo unit
  • Cable and Electrode checking mode
  • Lightweight with compact design
  • User settable memory, easy to handle
  • 132 Pre-program condition wise with protocols
  • Both medium and Low-frequency currents
  • Large graphic LCD Display
  • Output mode CC / CV
  • Universal input Voltage 90V-270V
  • Advanced patient safety system
HMS Medical Systems provides all kinds of Physiotherapy Equipment in Online. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Physical Therapy Equipment with latest techniques, highly recommended by many physicians for its smooth function and quality performance.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Buy Exercise Therapy Equipments Online

Standard and quality equipments are essential for a hospital or clinic to provide proper physiotherapy. High quality systems are always the best tools for patients both in recovery and health development. The equipment needs to be made using a sturdy material since a variety of patients might come to use the equipment.
This article briefs you about some of the Exercise Therapy Equipment such as a Traction Table, Shoulder Wheel, Ankle Exerciser, Supinator Pronator, and Equipment Trolley.


Traction Table: Generally, spinal, cervical, and knee pain patients are put on the traction table for physiotherapy. The traction table is made up of sturdy material and height and flexibility can be adjusted according to the patient’s need. It is manufactured with a cushion top covered with the help of the resin material.
Shoulder Wheel: It is made up of fine grade material used to rehabilitate shoulder pain, surgeries, and injuries. Shoulder wheel height adjustment is done with an adjustable lump. It is manufactured with MS powder coated with adjustable friction.
Ankle Exerciser: It is an excellent equipment to provide relief from ankle pain. It is compact and light weight. It is made up of sturdy material with an adjustable spring load.
Supinator Pronator: Supinator and Pronator equipment is used to increase muscle strength. It is a single unit with 360-degree rotation. Its height and diameter are adjustable with friction and it is coated with MS powder.
Equipment Trolley: This is made of up fine metal grade featured with height adjustability, fitted with caster wheel and is easily detachable. It is coated with MS powder.
HMS Medical Systems is one of the Popular Physiotherapy Equipments Store, which manufactures and exports Physiotherapy Equipments. They offer exercise therapy equipments in India at an affordable cost.


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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Laser Therapy Equipment in Chennai

Physiotherapy is a treatment given for all kinds of aches, paralysis etc., and the modern medical technology evolved with laser therapy equipment in physiotherapy. Some of the laser therapy equipment used in physiotherapy are Cervical and pelvic traction, Ultrasound therapy, Muscle stimulator etc.
The computerized laser therapy equipment with low-level laser usage aids in optimum performance, with quality and durability. Most of the hospitals are availed with infrared Laser Therapy Equipment for Physiotherapy to ease the treatment and make the patient comfortable.

Computerized Laser Therapy Equipment are available along with rechargeable batteries. DIGILASER is computerized laser therapy equipment helps mainly to alleviate the pain. It is featured with many options like shortcut keys, multiple probes and display screen. This method is also called as “photo-bio-modulation”. This has various methods for curing such as cold laser therapy, laser bio-stimulation, and low lever laser therapy. It helps in pain management, nerve, and cosmetic regeneration, and wound healing etc.

Pelvic and Cervical traction (DIGITRAC) are designed in the international standard level. It gives accurate and consistent output. This digital Traction Unit is availed with soft touch keys, large LED display, and inbuilt micro-controller. It can provide continuous and intermittent traction for both lumbar and cervical pain. Availability of bar graph displays the force of the traction applied.
DIGISTIM is an advanced muscle stimulator which works on the basis of microcontroller. LCD display, soft touch keys, treatment time are the main features of DIGISTIM.

  • The therapy only short time
  • Safely treats pain without any skin damage or irritation
  • Avails pain relief effectively
  • Increases blood circulation to the damaged cells
  • Minimizes the scars from the cuts, burns, and surgeries
  • Laser therapy helps to reduce pain on many parts and elevates the range of motion along with restoring normal function for conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, strains, muscle swelling, muscle tension, and sprains.
  • Golf and tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis/bursitis
HMS MEDICALS SYSTEMS, Chennai has been functioning from 1998 as the Leading Physiotherapy Equipment Manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Our high-quality products say Laser electrotherapy equipment, IFT, Traction etc., have been installed in many hospitals, physiotherapy centers.


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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Electrotherapy Equipments in Chennai

Different types of Electrostatic Equipments are available at HMS medical systems. We are one of the best electrotherapy Equipment Manufactures and exporters in Chennai. Our Electrotherapy and physiotherapy equipments are made up of high quality raw materials that also ensures long lasting property. So we are famous for the quality in products making.
All types electrostatic equipments with different size are available are HMS medical systems as per customer requirement. We are the leading supplier, manufactures and exports of  electrostatic equipment. We supply varieties of physiotherapy equipments including treatment couches, gait analysis, exercise equipment, pulse compression devices,ultrasound scanners etc you would expect to find in any established clinic.

We are also providing Computerized Laser Therapy Equipment in Chennai, Laser therapy is the non-invasive use of laser energy to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and speed recovery from acute and chronic clinical conditions.

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